A productive tool with real-time search for project applications

A majority of employees working in small and large organizations lose 55 minutes each day searching for information and switching between screens to perform their day-to-day activities.

Birdeye can integrate with all of your project applications and provide the search results you need. Once you sign up for Birdeye, you can access "Nest View" to invite team members, manage their access, and maintain all team and project information. You can access all of this data from Birdeye as part of your day-to-day work and save at least 55 minutes of your productive time. So, don't wait any longer, sign up for Birdeye today!

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This is how employees losing 55 minutes a day without Birdeye bot?

Look at this video to show how majority of employees working in small and large organizations lose 55 minutes each day searching for information and switching between screens to perform their day-to-day activities.

How Birdeye Bot increase Productivity?

Take a look at the video to see how the Birdeye bot helps employees access required information from applications and save 4.5 hours per week, per employee

Everyone can't stop liking Birdeye Bot 😀

Birdeye bot is one place to access Intranet, Team Details, project Database, and Unix. It also integrates with JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, Splunk many more tools to provide the information you need!

  • Birdeyebot project search

    Search across your Project applications

    Birdeye integrates with a wide range of tools across all your applications, including communication and collaboration tools like Teams and Outlook, project management tools such as JIRA, document management tools like Confluence and SharePoint, version management tools like Github, and even ticketing tools like Service Now. With this feature, you can search within Birdeye and get the results you need

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    Access all of the company Intranet in one place

    Access company intranet information such as contacts, help desk, benefits, payroll, expenses, and more through the Birdeye bot, without the need to navigate multiple links on the company website.

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    Access all Project & Product Information at Nest View

    Access many project-level tasks and information through a bot, including the Team PTO calendar, tools and technologies used in the project, individual team skills, and business rules for your project or product. Managers can also record employee reviews.

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    Access your Database via Bot

    Access table structure, table data, and run simple queries through the bot, without the need to navigate to database tools.

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    Birdeye Bot Integrate with your server

    The Birdeye bot integrates with your project server (Dev, QA, UAT, and Prod) and provides the required information without the need to log into your Unix/Linux environment.

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    Birdeye Bot Integrate with majority of your work apps

    The Birdeye bot provides a feature that allows you to access each application's features without logging into the specific tool. For example, you can go to JIRA through Birdeye and access tasks assigned to an individual or check the status of a JIRA ID. In the case of Confluence or SharePoint, Birdeye provides the documents or links you need within the bot and can redirect you to the relevant page.

  • Nest view

    All Project and Team member information at one place

    In the Birdeye world, we call each team a Nest, and they can access Nest Views to invite team members, manage team access, add application integrations including project databases, and add individual team member skillsets. Managers can even write day-to-day employee performance reviews in Nest Views for easy access.performance reviews in Nest View for easy access

All solutions in one place

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Project Information

Explore project PTO and support calendar, team skills, and product information via the bot

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Database & Unix

Access your project database and Unix using the bot. Create customer profiles via the bot

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Integrate with everything

Most work app integrations and predefined actions are available in the bot

Impression from our Beta customers

"Why couldn't I see this before? I am impressed with the product. Every time I am in a meeting and need a few columns or table information, I used to rely on my developer to respond. Now, this bot provides me with the information I need in just one click."

VP, Fintech company

"As the CEO of a consulting company that manages 1000 employees, I used to engage my team to add information to our company intranet website and then send out links to employees so they could access the information. However, with the Birdeye bot, we now have a platform to manage our intranet, and employees can easily access it through the bot."

CEO, consulting company

"It used to be difficult for us to fetch individual employee skill sets and the tools and technologies being used in each project in order for us to make decisions on onboarding new tools and migrating existing ones. However, the Birdeye Bot's Sky View and Nest View have solved that problem."

CTO, Large Retail Company